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The following links will take you to Christian Bible Study Resources. Please let us know if these links are helpful to you.
Back to the Bible
In my opinion this ministry is lead by the best bible teacher in the world. Dr. Woodrow Kroll teaches the bible with such clarity. During our visit this year to this fine ministry my wife and I found Woodrow, Tammy and staff to be very king and are down to earth people. You can go to Back To The Bible website by clicking the following link:

Willow Creek Community Church website have quite a bit of resources available to the body of Christ. I know first hand that this Church is a fine Church to feed your faith. Willow is lead by Senior Pastor Bill Hybels. Bill made a major impact on my spiritual development over the past 12 years.

Please click here to go to Willow Creek's Website.

Christian Research Institute
Most of you have heard of the Bible answer man. Well you can go to the web-site to look for answers to difficult questions or listen to the bible answer man on your computer.

Click here to go to the Christian Research Institute

Love Worth Finding
Love Worth Finding Ministries and Dr. Adrian Rogers ministry is incredible . Check out the link below to get resources or listen to his messages.
Thanks Mark McGarrity for giving us permission to add Love Worth Finding to our site.

Click Here to go to Love Worth Finding

The next resource was provided by Tim and Shendy Gibson. It is an excellent PowerPoint training tool called the New Testament Survey.

Click here to download the New Testament Survey

The Good News Bible Study was provided by Leo P. Voegtli and we are glad to post it for download.
Check out the other links provided by other Christian Web-sites:

Click here to download The Good News Bible Study

Click here to go to the Boston Christian Bible Study Resources.

Click here to go to the Study Light Web-site

Click here to go to the Web-site

Click here to go to Bibles.Net Web-site

Click here to go to

The following file was provided by Tim from Gibsons Productions. This is a powerpoint file that is full of information regarding the big picture (Knowing God's will).
We pray that you will benefit from its use!

Click here to download Knowing God's Will

The following two links are now provided for your use from Back to the Bible organization:

Click here to go to Back to the Bible Web-Site

Click here to go to the Bible Discovery Web-site

_________________________________________________ is another web-site for you to check out.

Click here to go to the Olivebranches Web-site

Please pray for Just Bibles Ministry.
We want to honor God in all we do.
May you grow in your walk with Jesus to the point that you allow yourself to be used by God in Jesus name Amen!
In Christ,
Pastors Roscoe and Revita De Chalus

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